About Us

Our owner, Ali Alizadeh, is a master watch craftsman and comes from a family of watchmakers. His father was a watchmaker and lived well over his 100th birthday, working as a watchmaker until the very end.

Ali Alizadeh and all of his siblings and cousins worked in their dad’s shop at some point in their lives. Ali started very early, around age 7-8, and worked for his father until he was 18. When he turned 18, Ali promised himself that he would never touch another watch again and went to school in order to become an accountant. Fast forward to 1996 in the US, and Ali’s cousin, a well-known watchmaker in Beaverton, Oregon, whose father was trained by Ali’s father, reached out to Ali and told him about an opportunity on the West coast to own a watch and jewelry repair store in California.

Ali and his family traveled to Oregon for Ali’s training. Ali’s cousin took an entire watch apart, put its pieces on a bench, and asked Ali to put the 200-300 parts together in less than an hour and make sure the watch was running. Ali completed the task in about 45 minutes and was ready to start his own business. He has had multiple shops, and both of his sons have worked with him and know the trade on a basic level. Ali has brought himself up to date with all of the newer quartz and electronic systems, and he now can service many timepieces at very reasonable prices that most places, like kiosks in the mall and little “mom and pop” shops, cannot service. He works on everything, from elegant timepieces (Rolex, Movado, Hamilton, etc.) to everyday watches. We look forward to taking care of your precious time pieces and jewelry in the near future.

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